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Warmly celebrate the new website of jiaxing hongli machinery co., LTD.

2019-04-09 10:53:42 Jiaxing hongli machinery co. LTD Read

    Jiaxing hong machinery co., LTD is a hong LTD is one specialized is engaged in the enterprise in tongxiang machinery research and development, machinery manufacturing, sales, after-sales tracking and technology advisory services integrated production-oriented enterprises, the company in 2010 with the zhejiang university of science and technology, national building materials industry and research center to incorporate the new machinery to transform traditional machinery equipment enterprise research project, gives more intelligent control to our traditional mechanical equipment, improve the ability of science and technology innovation capacity.

Hongli's current products: subway shield tunneling die, high-speed rail special equipment and large smelting metal equipment are all new mechanical transformation of traditional mechanical equipment projects.

Today, jiaxing hongli is about to start construction as the production and research base of hongli enterprise.

It will provide high-precision shield tunneling products for cities all over the country.

To provide all kinds of municipal renovation equipment in cities throughout the country;

Provide large scale metal smelting equipment for customers all over the world.

After the completion of jiaxing hongli machinery project, the company will build a production and r&d base with its own brand and independent intellectual property rights, with an annual output value of 150 million yuan.

Today hongli machinery is in the hot land of tongxiang, we expect it to stand up smoothly and put into production quickly, and make our due contribution to the hot land.